Real-Life Research


When I started studying Ramirez’ (Sean Connery’s) wonderful outfit from “Highlander”, I soon found that there are surprisingly few pictures on the net of this really, really great suit and especially the beautiful Peacock cloak. Well, here’s my will to help people out of the dilemma where to get pictures of that outfit…

Asterix: Mission Cleopatra

While this movie’s costumes are probably not by far historically correct, I find them rather inspiring and am particularly in love with the beautiful black, pearl embroidered corset gown Monica Belluci is wearing as ‘Cleopatra’ in that particular movie in the very last scene. As I’ve been planning to make that particular gown for myself […]

The Others

Costumes from ‘The Others’ As one of them – the wine red one which is worn at both beginning and end of the movie – is now on my planning list, I thought it couldn’t hurt to show some of the costumes Nicole Kidman wore in some screen caps. Here’s the gallery: Wine red dress […]

Sleepy Hollow

This movie has a vast selection of great costumes – of which, unfortunately, only three are somewhat ‘famous’ (all of which I’ve reproduced at least once): The embroidered cloak, the peach and the black and white striped gown – which is funny, as none of those has the longest screen time. I guess it’s because […]