Real-Life Research


When I started studying Ramirez’ (Sean Connery’s) wonderful outfit from “Highlander”, I soon found that there are surprisingly few pictures on the net of this really, really great suit and especially the beautiful Peacock cloak. Well, here’s my will to help people out of the dilemma where to get pictures of that outfit…

Brotherhood o.t. Wolf

The costumes from ‘Le Pacte Des Loups’ (Brotherhood of the Wolf) This movie has so many beautiful costumes which, in my opinion, never got the attention they should have. Here’s my tribute to some of them, sorted by the actor wearing the costume in question. A short note in advance: Looking at the movie one […]

Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare in Love There are very, very few movies out there of which I would say that I’d like to reproduce almost *all* costumes from. Shakespeare in Love is one of them. All the costumes in this movie are *mostly* historical – *mostly*, because they include a vast mix over almost 50 years of Elizabethan […]

Asterix: Mission Cleopatra

While this movie’s costumes are probably not by far historically correct, I find them rather inspiring and am particularly in love with the beautiful black, pearl embroidered corset gown Monica Belluci is wearing as ‘Cleopatra’ in that particular movie in the very last scene. As I’ve been planning to make that particular gown for myself […]

Orlando (1992)

A few words in advance… Orlando is not a movie one needs to ‘understand’, but it’s a feast for the eyes (settings, costumes, actors) and ears (beautiful lyrics most of the time). If you don’t ask yourself *why* Orlando is living for 400 years and the only thing changing during that time is his/her gender, […]

Sleepy Hollow

This movie has a vast selection of great costumes – of which, unfortunately, only three are somewhat ‘famous’ (all of which I’ve reproduced at least once): The embroidered cloak, the peach and the black and white striped gown – which is funny, as none of those has the longest screen time. I guess it’s because […]

Museum Kunst und Gewerbe

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (Museum for art and business) Hamburg, Germany It’s almost impossible to list everything exhibited in that museum – it’s giant, and the exhibited items are just a small part of the museum’s inventory. The exhibits change often. If I should see something else that seems interesting when I visit the […]

Exhibit Duesseldorf

Baby’s jacket, c. 1750 (You can’t imagine how small that jacket is – was certainly made for a newborn baby) Jupe à la Francaise and Robe à la Francaise Watch the “patching” at the collar of the gown in the close-up – what might have been patched there, in a place which would usually be […]