Mittelalter / Renaissance


Navigation for this part of the page: Constructing the bodice was relatively simple, I basically constructed it by draping and having a mix of the back of an Elizabethan dress with scooped neckline and the front of a Robe à la francaise lining in mind. Sounds weird? I guess it is, but those seemed the […]


Navigation for this part of the page: I know it’s getting a little mixed up… am simultaneously working on Brustfleck, bodice and sleeves, but… Here’s a first making-of picture of the sleeves: I used my ’sleeve scale‘ picture from the planning: drafted a sleeve on white silk satin and then decorated it according to this […]

Finished gown

Navigation for this part of the page: And here are the first pictures of the finished gown on the dressmaking mannequin… …and here’s the one single picture I so far have of myself wearing it 😉 The change between the above shown dress mannequin pictures and this one is that I re-arranged the ladder lacing […]