Orlando (1992)

A few words in advance… Orlando is not a movie one needs to ‚understand‘, but it’s a feast for the eyes (settings, costumes, actors) and ears (beautiful lyrics most of the time). If you don’t ask yourself *why* Orlando is living for 400 years and the only thing changing during that time is his/her gender, […]

Troy costume exhibit

Some of the costumes from ‚Troy“ were on exhibit in Hamburg. So I went there and took whatever I could get through my digital camera 😉 Helena’s cream-golden gown (first picture shows the gown in the movie): The gown was made of at least three, if not four, identical cream-golden woven, Indian saris with pearl […]


The Mercs don’t wear uniform clothing. Each of them is dressed in a different way; and it’s not easy to describe any of them in full. As those outfits can probably be called some of the least interesting in the movie, I’ll skip them… for now. If you should need further information on any of […]

Necro Various

Necromonger VariousBesides the armor the Necromongers are wearing, there are also some glimpses at more or less ‚civil‘ clothing of the Necromonger society, which shall be analyzed on this page Lensor While the Lensor’s clothes are definitely not civilian clothing, they are still interesting. All starts with the almost typical body suit, which, according to […]


The Imam is wearing a knee length, striped red tunic, a floor length brown vest (fine linen or rough cotton) with sari trims at the front edges, sand-colored pants and a burgundy scarf decorated with a metal belt. His cap seems to be made of cut leather. This is the same original outfit, as offered […]


Aereon’s dress is described in the ‚Riddick insider‘ as being made from ‚crushed Swarowsky (not *my* typo – sic!) crystal‘.I will prove in this costume study that this description is wrong as it can be. First, as you can perfectly see here, we have at least two layers in the costume: First, an underdress, A-shaped, […]


The Purifier’s outfit seems to consist of a floor length leather coat, which is cut with gores at the bottom back side to allow for maximum movement. And while he seems to wear black trousers with it, he doesn’t seem to wear a shirt. This can be seen in the Director’s Cut, when he tears […]

Crematoria Various

Interesting enough, the prisoners of Crematoria – save Riddick and Kyra – all seem to wear the same basic clothes:A grayish suit with orange stripes. The shirt of said suit is front-closing, the front opening being bordered with said stripes. Additionally, there are Cyrillic letters printed to the right front of the shirts. The shirts […]