Dame Vaako

LightI have no idea if this is one or two dresses, but it’s shown with different accessories in the movie. First, it’s worn with a ’smaller‘ necklace and a belt… and then it’s worn with a wider necklace, without the belt. The seams seem to be pretty much in the same places on those both […]

Helion Various

Various Helion Prime costumesLajjun and Ziza; Lajjun’s bathrobe and Ziza’s nightgown: The bathrobe seems to be made from doubled, gold stripe woven organza. Note the enormous stuffed collar on this one. Lajjun is wearing another sleeveless shirt under this robe. Ziza’s nightgown is made from a patterned cotton, I guess; and as you can see […]


For my life I couldn’t find further pictures of Kristin Lehman from that movie other than I could screenshot from the Director’s cut (which are shown below) – well, they have to be enough for a rough costume analysis…In my opinion, which, of course, can be wrong from the very few pictures I got of […]


Kyra Crematoria Costume This basic outfit consists of 5 items: First, an olive ribbed tank top; Second, front-zip dark olive-greyish trousers which sport a non-covered zipper at the front and strapped pockets at the back; Third, brown strapped leather gauntlets which are pointed towards the fingers Fourth, the boots that can spike out blades at […]

Lord Marshal

Ceremonial Armor This is the original outfit, as offered by the Propstore of London: Non-ceremonial armor This is the original outfit, as offered by the Propstore of London: This is the stunt headcover, as offered by the Propstore of London: Navigation for this part of the page:  

Various pictures

Various pictures from my London stay Temptation Alley This was probably the coolest and most crammed trims store I’ve ever seen from the inside. Just in case you’re interested, they’re located at the end of Portobello Road; and, yes, they do have a website: – they’re worth visiting, and their name has a reason… […]


The Mercs don’t wear uniform clothing. Each of them is dressed in a different way; and it’s not easy to describe any of them in full. As those outfits can probably be called some of the least interesting in the movie, I’ll skip them… for now. If you should need further information on any of […]

Script comparison

Riddick script: Comparing the Director’s cut to the theatrical DVD version Person speaking  Lines in Director’s cut  Lines in theatrical version “ indicates that the lines spoken are the same as in the Director’s cut (column to the left). BOLD letters indicate changes in the spoken lines.   Facts & notes Blue: ‘Riddick Universe’ facts […]