Museen und Ausstellungen


Tutenchamun Replika-Ausstellung, Köln; Juni 2011 Die Webseite dieser Ausstellung ist hier zu finden. Ich habe die Ausstellung mit meinem Sohn besucht und fand sie sehr interessant. Trotz der Tatsache, daß alle Ausstellungsstücke Replikas (also – nachgemacht!) sind, sehen sie sehr realistisch aus. Außerdem ist es recht vorteilhaft, sich die Stücke nicht nur durch das dicke Glas von Sicherheitsvitrinen ansehen zu können Die Ausstellung […]

Reproduktionen der britischen Kronjuwelen

Es gibt in Berlin einen Mann, Dieter Baumgartl, der ein seltsames Hobby hat: Er macht Kronjuwelen nach. Ich hätte schreiben können, daß er Kronjuwelen ‚fälscht‘, aber da er sie nicht verkauft und / oder sie als die echten ausgibt, belasse ich es beim Ausdruck ‚reproduzieren‘ ;-). Ich mache keine Witze – bisher hat er die […]

Museum Kunst und Gewerbe

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (Museum for art and business) Hamburg, Germany It’s almost impossible to list everything exhibited in that museum – it’s giant, and the exhibited items are just a small part of the museum’s inventory. The exhibits change often. If I should see something else that seems interesting when I visit the […]

Exhibit Duesseldorf

Baby’s jacket, c. 1750 (You can’t imagine how small that jacket is – was certainly made for a newborn baby) Jupe à la Francaise and Robe à la Francaise Watch the „patching“ at the collar of the gown in the close-up – what might have been patched there, in a place which would usually be […]

Troy costume exhibit

Some of the costumes from ‚Troy“ were on exhibit in Hamburg. So I went there and took whatever I could get through my digital camera 😉 Helena’s cream-golden gown (first picture shows the gown in the movie): The gown was made of at least three, if not four, identical cream-golden woven, Indian saris with pearl […]

The six wives

The six wives of Henry VIII (and, of course, the King himself) at Madame Tussaud …is a part of Madame Tussaud’s wax figure cabinet in London. They also have a nice wax figurine of Queen Elizabeth I., which I will show at the bottom of the page. Now – we could endlessly discuss the historical correctness of the […]

DaVinci Exhibit

In winter 2006/2007, my old hometown Gelsenkirchen in Germany was hosting an exhibit on Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions. Of course I went to see them, and I was not only immensely impressed by the craftsmanship that the exhibit models have been built with, but also by Leonardo’s sheer genius when inventing the things he did. […]

British Museum

British Museum, London It’s impossible to see everything in the British museum in one single day. The museum is so large, it’s honestly intimidating. I spent seven hours there and was only able to see the first floor, that should tell you something. I do recommend reading the Wikipedia article on the British Museum in […]

Museum of London

Museum of London Leather Jerkin, c. 1550-1600; and codpiece. This is the same jerkin that’s been analyzed in Janet Arnold’s „Patterns of Fashion“. Rags of a sleeve, c. 1300 This buttoned, tight-fitting sleeve was found during excavations in London, near Blackfriars. Hairnet, c. 1400 Leather belt, early 1400s and garter, early 1300s Headdress frames, c. […]

Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre The Globe Theatre in London is actually a reproduction of what is believed to once have been the first Globe Theatre. Today it houses an actual theatre and a fantastic collection of Elizabethan reproduction costumes. Here are the pictures…: Reproduction costumes Costume designed for Jane Lapotaire as Elizabeth I. for the Royal […]