Apr 152011
For my life I couldn’t find further pictures of Kristin Lehman from that movie other than I could screenshot from the Director’s cut (which are shown below) – well, they have to be enough for a rough costume analysis…In my opinion, which, of course, can be wrong from the very few pictures I got of this costume, it consists of 7 different clothing items…

First, a dark brown leather dress. This dress is a neck holder style and has a very short skirt. It’s made from rather thin leather, given the stretch and drape it is showing towards the neck.

Second there’s a probably 12-panel-corset without front closure, and I have no idea if it is laced up the back because I have no shot of the costume from the backside.
The coloring is interesting; the panels have been covered with something that slightly glitters. I first thought of crushed metallic silk in gold, red and brown; but those could also be cut beads on strands. The bone coverings / seams are running over those colored layers, which makes it possible to count the panels of the corset.

Third there’s some kind of turtle neck metal neck choker, very wide, covering her entire neck. I couldn’t help thinking of the African ’swan neck‘ necklaces when I saw this.

Fourth she’s wearing a thigh knife holder; made from black or brown material. If I were the costume designers, I would have made that from leather, and from the pictures I can’t figure out the exact color.

Fifth she’s wearing rather short gauntlets of brown leather. closing with silver snaps.

Sixth there are those overknee boots. I *think* there are buckles on them, but I have no pictorial evidence for this assumption.

And seventh, there seems to be a cloak with ragged hemline billowing behind her when she’s walking in that ‚Cryo sleep‘ scene. However, I can’t exactly tell how it’s attached. It’s definitely not covering her shoulders, so I assume it’s attached somewhere at the back of her neckholder. From the way it is moving I would assume that it is made from the same thin leather as the neckholder dress. It’s probably just a rectangle or triangle of leather, with the bottom hem being ragged.

All in all, this is a rather nice and quite simple to make costume (as long as you know how to make a fitting twelve-panels-corset…), which of course has a rather low recognizing value as it was only to be seen in the Director’s cut.
If there was a sequel to TCoR, this, besides the Aereon costume – which however would require *much* more time and material! – would be my first choice to wear for the premier, given that there are no other pictures of more interesting costumes available from that sequel, of which I by the way *very* much hope that it will come some day.

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