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… a little lesson in history…

The images you can see in this (admittedly rather large!) animation show 28 years of my costuming.

The ’start‘ shows me wearing a white ‚Indian‘ suit in 1984, which was my first attempt to copy a movie costume – Kate Capshaw’s ’sacrifice‘ outfit from ‚Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom‘. I was 13 years old when I made this costume & the picture was taken. The costume was made from old bed linens, a few yards of tulle, an endless amount of sequins and one of my mother’s pearl necklaces – she almost killed me when she found that I had used the pearls for my headdress.
The other costumes you can see are:
My Titanic Dinner dress (1997); my Éowyn Funeral dress (2003); my Queen Elizabeth I. Pelican gown (2005), my Fast and Furious Movie Premier dress (2009) and my Queen Jamillia dress from Star Wars (2012) – and that’s just a handful of the many costumes I’ve completely made myself and which you can find on this website!

28 years are somewhere between all those pictures; 28 years full of costuming, of dreams – fulfilled and broken ones, of tears from happiness and laughter, try and error, learning and teaching.
Guess what? I’m still there and am looking forward to the next 10, 20, 30 years of costuming!

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