As I have already mentioned on the index page, I wanted a mix between the various stage versions of this costume. To be exact, I wanted those things…: The waterfall drape of the US gown. My lining color would be dark blue velvet; I’m contemplating to use ‚black-blue‘ – black velvet with a blue shimmer. […]


All my plans changed when I was allowed to examine and take the pattern from the original Hamburg version of the gown. As I now had a pattern that would work, I, of course, worked with it 😉 Here’s my skirt making. Remember that you can always visit the above linked site of the original […]


When making the corset, I was mainly influenced by this beautiful original corset which was offered in an Ebay auction: I didn’t buy this corset, because I have to admit that I didn’t find that particular Ebay auction – those pictures were sent to me by a friend, and I am almost sure that he […]