Medieval / Renaissance

Beatrice D’Este’s Tomb dress

I have to admit that I was obsessed with this gown from the moment I saw it in the Cast Courts of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. I spent a lot of research on it after returning from my trip, and eventually even made a sculpture for SecondLife that looked like the tomb. Then, one […]

The Arnolfini Dress

The “Arnolfini Marriage” gown Subjects on this page (click or just scroll down to see them all): Overview of the portrait gown Making the dress The finished gown Differences between my reproduction and the portrait gown Statistics for the dress Links to other reproductions of this gown that I’ve found on the net Overview of […]

Cranach gown

Navigation for this part of the page: As the Cranach gown is shown in so many variations in all his pictures, I’ve decided not to make an exact copy of one of those gowns but take bits and pieces that I like best from all the portraits – and combine them in a single gown. […]


Navigation for this part of the page: I’ve decided to start with some basic measures that I would need to actually make the gown.. As explained in the planning of my ‘Hardwick’ gown, I’ve first laid a digital grid over the painting of the ‘Magdalena’ so that I could estimate the actual width of the […]


Navigation for this part of the page: Surprisingly I didn’t finish of the clothing parts for this costume first. Instead, I suddenly had the inspiration to make the neck ring. I used Fimo (an oven-hardening, flexible clay), leaf gold and Swarovski rhinestones. Here’s how I made it: First, I sculpted the neck ring from Fimo. […]


Navigation for this part of the page: I started by decorating the fabric that’s supposed to become the Brustfleck. I am using the same brocade as I used for the skirt, and decorated it with silver and golden embroidery yarn, *real* garnets (no, *not* rhinestones. The real stuff; Rosen cut!) in rim settings, Swarovski Golden […]