Apr 152011

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I’ve decided to start with some basic measures that I would need to actually make the gown..
As explained in the planning of my ‚Hardwick‘ gown, I’ve first laid a digital grid over the painting of the ‚Magdalena‘ so that I could estimate the actual width of the stripes in the skirt and the sleeve (the pink marks are set at 5 ‚digital‘ centimeters each, which would equal to ~2 inch):

I’m actually quite fond of using those digital layouts, because they provide me with far more accurate results than I could ever get from ‚try and error‘.

I then started with the skirt – or rather, with sewing the strips of fabric together, which I cut according to the above shown diagram.

My skirt will have a hem circumference of 3,20 meters – that’s 3 1/2 yards. I know it’s a little small, but the bit of golden brocade I had left from the coronation gown allowed no more.

Here’s the ‚pattern‘ that I have developed from the above shown diagram:

Note that the skirt is longer at the back, so that I can wear a bumroll *and* don’t have too few fabric at the back.
Here’s a first picture of the sewn strips of fabric:

I must say that I’m utterly in love with the outcome of my dye job. Garnet red plush velvet is something to die for, hmmmm… 🙂

And now to something completely different – the neck ring making 😉

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