Star Wars-Peacock

Star Wars Peacock

Navigation for this part of the page:  Padmé Amidala’s “Peacock” gown from “Star Wars”, Episode 3 I have no idea how to explain why I want that gown without making it look as if I would simply jump from the ‘Lord of the Rings’ costuming fandom to Star Wars. I don’t want anyone to believe […]

Planning the gown

Navigation for this part of the page: …damn. I *exactly* know how to make that thing. I even once had the exact fabric for the ‘coat’ part (silk velvet, etched in a ‘wood’ design) in my hands – just not dyed yet but still white. Plus I know how to dye that silk velvet in […]

Velvet pattern

Navigation for this part of the page: Note: In case you’d like to make Padmé’s Peacock gown but don’t want to burn out the velvet (and actually, not use burned-out velvet at all), you could always use a printed version of this fabric, which is available here. Tracing the burnout velvet pattern describes the […]

Embroidery patterns

Navigation for this part of the page: While I was still planning and contemplating the silk screen printing, I thought it couldn’t hurt to start tracing the embroidery patterns – which is, besides making the embroidery itself, probably the most painful work on that costume. The embroideries were carried out with a Cornely machine – […]

Burning out

Navigation for this part of the page: Printing and burning out the silk velvet If you would like to have information about how the burn out proces generally (meaning – without the silk screen printing) works and especially why it works, please read my tutorial on burning out silk velvet. Burning out silk velvet with […]