Elizabeth I Coronation

Coronation gown

Navigation for this site: (it’s best to read the entire page from top to bottom, though) Introduction • Tudor Rose Brocade Sources &   Introduction This dress is probably one of the quickest ever put together (at least of my gowns on this site). It’s probably also the gown for which I didn’t touch the […]


Making of the bodice Well, not much to say… I’ve just started making it with the ‘Lady’s wardrobe’ patterns by Margo Anderson. Here are a few pictures of the first test fitting: Back of the bodice lining, pinned together. It’s a bit too long – which I did intentionally, so I will have a longer […]

Sleeves & Cuffs

I made the sleeves from the same fabric as all other parts of the gown. When I was decorating the forepart, I thought that I had to match the sleeves to this extremely decorated piece of clothing, this is why I have decorated the upper, outer sleeves with: about 50 rhinestones in various shapes and […]