Elizabeth I Coronation


The skirt was probably the simplest thing of the whole gown. I’ve taken an approximately 140 inches (3,5 meter) long strip of fabric (note: the pattern on this fabric doesn’t run from left to right, as on most fabrics – it runs along the length of fabric), made a hem of about 10cm (4 inch) […]


Making of the bodice Well, not much to say… I’ve just started making it with the ‚Lady’s wardrobe‘ patterns by Margo Anderson. Here are a few pictures of the first test fitting: Back of the bodice lining, pinned together. It’s a bit too long – which I did intentionally, so I will have a longer […]


The doublet was made the same way as the bodice. First, the lining, made of two layers of herringbone weave linen…: …then the outer shell of the doublet, sewn to the lining…: …and afterwards, hemming the sleeves holes down and adding hooks, eyes and a placket to the front.