Apr 152011

I made the sleeves from the same fabric as all other parts of the gown.

When I was decorating the forepart, I thought that I had to match the sleeves to this extremely decorated piece of clothing, this is why I have decorated the upper, outer sleeves with:

  • about 50 rhinestones in various shapes and colors, in all possible attaching methods – sewn, glued and crimped on,
  • c. 200 pearls in two different sizes,
  • about 10 yards of couched cording with various golden cords,
  • c. 20 yards of silver embroidery yarn, hand stitched,
  • countless beads in gold and silver,
  • c. 2 yards of bouillon wire which I stitched on.

In the end, the sleeves looked like this:

And now let’s go on to the skirt.

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