Apr 152011

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 Padmé Amidala’s “Peacock” gown
from “Star Wars”, Episode 3

I have no idea how to explain why I want that gown without making it look as if I would simply jump from the ‘Lord of the Rings’ costuming fandom to Star Wars.
I don’t want anyone to believe that I’m just following the Star Wars hype which currently (May 2005 – the time when I seriously started to think about making this gown) seems to have taken hold of the whole world.

I want that gown because it’s a demanding task to make it, not because it’s from Star Wars.

I will probably even sell it after I’ve made it – I just want to make it once and take some pictures of it.
In short terms: I want it, I know how to make it, I know which materials I need – I just need a reason, some money to get those materials and have a professional pleater make that pleating (which I can’t, because I don’t have the proper machines) so that I can start making it, simply to prove that I can
And I think it’s now time to start some very own pages for this gown – the first planning ideas here take up very much space… just making some pages can’t hurt too much, right…?

I’ve started by summarizing my thoughts on the gown which I had already posted on the Planned costumes, together with some new ideas, to a new page.

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