Apr 152011

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I started by decorating the fabric that’s supposed to become the Brustfleck.
I am using the same brocade as I used for the skirt, and decorated it with silver and golden embroidery yarn, *real* garnets (no, *not* rhinestones. The real stuff; Rosen cut!) in rim settings, Swarovski Golden Shadow rhinestones (which look like tiny golden metal sparklies) and pearls.
While I am aware that neither any Cranach painting I know shows any stone decoration, nor that rim settings or Swarovski flatbacks are historical, I rather love the garnet stones, so I decided for them (and I really had a *hard* time doing so!).

Here are some pictures of the decoration progress (which is *currently* still going on and will go on until this sweet little sentence here disappears! ;-)):

Don’t you agree that the last picture with the decoration looks like a smiling goblin face? When I discovered this I first find it scaring; but now it seems rather charming to me.

Then I discovered that I was wasting time here. Though I liked the charming goblin (and *still* do!), I remembered that I only had a few days left for the rest of the gown (plus some other things I still wanted to do until then).

So I started another, much simpler Brustfleck with the usual pearl embroidery that can be seen in most Cranach paintings:

And after finishing the beading, into which I also included eleven prong-set Swarovski rhinestones, I made some kind of ‚renaissance bra‘ from it:

In this picture, the transparent and probably not-so-historical bra straps are still missing; and also the lacing on the backside – which you couldn’t see in the picture anyway… 😉

On to the bodice

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