Apr 152011

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Well, what can I say except state the obvious:
If it’s blue, it’s gotta be MINE. That was always so and hopefully will remain this way.

No wonder that, when I stumbled over the umpteenth picture of the ‚blue wishing gown‘ from ‚Phantom of the Opera‘ on the net, at some point of time I thought, alright, that has to be mine as well.

There’s few that has not been written about that particular gown on the net, so I’ll just link:

This page basically sums it all up, the various versions in the various stage plays and all. This is also the page where I’ve stolen with my eyes and a quick right-click (for the pictures) for my own personal inspiration.

My ‚Phantom‘ gown doesn’t follow any of the various versions exactly. In fact, I will practically ‚franken-pattern‘ my very own version from all versions, taking what I like on some and leaving off what I don’t on others.

You wonder what a ‚franken-patterned‘ version of the gown is supposed to look ´like? No problem, follow me to the planning.

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