The chemise (See the bodice page why it just *can’t* look like this when it’s worn – the ladder lacing is missing) The chemise seems to be made of a soft, well draping fabric – look how nicely it pulls along the gathered pleats around the neckline. However, the sleeves have to get a little […]


The bodice I have written the following when planning this gown: …There is one thing about this bodice that disturbs me a little: The fact that the front seems to be ‘just’ standing open without being laced; yet there are horizontal folds which are usually a clear indication for the bodice being pulled somehow. I […]

Mary Tudor

The story of an old, abandoned sofa that stood dripping wet in the rain and asked to become Mary Tudor Sometimes something weird happens. Something you never expected. Something like, well, a sofa that would become a gown, you know. It’s something you would least expect. That’s how I started on this gown, and it […]

Moulin Blue gown

Since I always liked this gown from Moulin Rouge: Screen Cap from Moulin Rouge – just not the color, because red makes me look as if I have been dead several decades, I at first didn’t want to make it for myself. That was until I found a nice looking acetate satin in slate blue with a black woven […]

Script comparison

Riddick script: Comparing the Director’s cut to the theatrical DVD version Person speaking  Lines in Director’s cut  Lines in theatrical version ” indicates that the lines spoken are the same as in the Director’s cut (column to the left). BOLD letters indicate changes in the spoken lines.   Facts & notes Blue: ‘Riddick Universe’ facts […]

Star Wars Peacock

Navigation for this part of the page:  Padmé Amidala’s “Peacock” gown from “Star Wars”, Episode 3 I have no idea how to explain why I want that gown without making it look as if I would simply jump from the ‘Lord of the Rings’ costuming fandom to Star Wars. I don’t want anyone to believe […]

Finished gown

Navigation for this part of the page: And here are the first pictures of the finished gown on the dressmaking mannequin… …and here’s the one single picture I so far have of myself wearing it 😉 The change between the above shown dress mannequin pictures and this one is that I re-arranged the ladder lacing […]

One step, one kill

There’s this scene of the surface fight with the Necromongers, which got known as the ‘One step, one kill’ scene. I found that scene worth analyzing for the answer of two questions: First, how many Necros does Riddick really take out, and second, there is a movement I was particularly interested in, which, as I […]

Planning the gown

Navigation for this part of the page: …damn. I *exactly* know how to make that thing. I even once had the exact fabric for the ‘coat’ part (silk velvet, etched in a ‘wood’ design) in my hands – just not dyed yet but still white. Plus I know how to dye that silk velvet in […]