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Diesen Beitrag gibt es auch auf Deutsch.

I also love working with 3D software (and that since 1999, when most people didn’t even know what this was about!).

I’m usually creating my own textures  (in DeepPaint3D, Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended and sometimes in Blender, for texture baking) and use them in software programs like Poser and Bryce, Blender and also to use them in SecondLife.

I’m usually using photos that I’ve taken myself and such that I’ve downloaded as a subscriber from (which I highly recommend by the way!) to create my textures.

Here are some images I have rendered in Poser and Bryce over the years. Note that ALL these images are copyrighted to me, so if you want to use any of them, I do STRONGLY recommend to read the footer of this page:

The 2011 ‘revival’ of ‘Holding on through time’, which I rendered in 2000 (see third row, last image on this page).

A digitally re-created version of Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto character from the ‘Fast and the Furious’ movies. This was also the first time that I worked with IBL.

An attempt to digitally re-create Vin Diesel as Richard B. Riddick. This is basically the very same setup as the ‘Space station’ picture below. The light coming from the back isn’t postworked; it’s rendered (atmosphere). Actually, there’s no postwork in this image (just as there isn’t in any of my other pictures).
The digital, rendered re-creation of Queen Elizabeth I’s “Phoenix” portrait.

My rendered version of Ankh Su Namun from the ‘Mummy’ movies. Note that I made this in 2001 in Poser 4, and that this is Posette. Also, as usual, no postwork. It took *long* to get the body tattoo texture right!

No, this isn’t rendered. It’s an actual vintage tapestry that I have at my home. In about 2001, I thought it would be fun to have a rendered version of this – the next two pictures are the result.

This was the first version, and at that time, it was probably the gallery picture using the most Poser characters in one scene. And yes, I made all the textures – except those on the paintings of course, which are old masters that I slapped on primitive boxes.

This was the second version. Again, all textures made by me. The historical dresses by the way are by Serge Marck.

Playing with shadows and lightning in Poser 5.

Cinderella at the ball. Again, this was 2001, and scenes like these were pretty unusual in Poser at that time. This is one of the pictures where I used very minor postwork (on the shoe, for example). Note that while I set the scene up in Poser, I had to render it in Bryce – at that time, Poser couldn’t do reflections properly (as on the glass carriage); but Bryce could.
Posette as Scarlett O’Hara from ‘Gone with the wind’.

I called this ‘Holding on through time’, and still think that it’s one of the most intense pictures I ever rendered. I also think it held the record on most views and most comments for a LONG time on Renderosity.

This was a pic I rendered of an Everquest character – recreated with V3 – for a friend of mine, Kharessa Bloodrose.

The ‘lightbulb’ is basically the same theme as the ‘holding on through time’ above. This, too, was rendered in Bryce, for the sake of reflections.

“Making of…Queen Nefer”.
I guess the statue is pretty famous, so I don’t need to explain it. Had to render this in Bryce since P4 couldn’t do proper bump mapping.

And yes, this was inspired by the movie. Also rendered in Bryce, for the sake of reflections and sky.

Vampires bite!
Interesting enough, the ‘Vampire’ is just wearing a “slightly” modified version of the skin that the girl is wearing. All textures save the hair texture by me.

I think I made this in 1999. It was my first attempt to photosource a skin texture. Funny thing is, I photosourced this skin from *one* black and white picture of myself.

All those lonely nights at the space station…
The environment is, obviously, the Giger bar – which was once available as a freebie on Renderosity.

Posette as Empress Elisabeth of Bavaria
I used *almost* the same dress texture in one of the ‘Art Gallery’ tapestry renderings above.

V3 as Marilyn Monroe, singing “Happy Birthday” for JFK. I had tons of fun re-creating the dress texture (because I own a few yards of the original fabric that was used to create Marilyn’s real dress, and therefore I could work really accurately!) 🙂
This was more or less just playing around with glass materials.
I’ve also made some 3D rendering and texturing videos:

Also, I’ve made some machinima (which are basically computer-generated movies) in SecondLife:


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