Medieval / Renaissance

The Visitation

The dress diary of an Italian Renaissance dress that was not inspired by ‘Ever After’ (In progress, that’s why the below shown navigation doesn’t completely work yet) When looking at dresses in Italian Renaissance paintings, I found this one here particularly interesting: Detail from “The Visitation” by Domenico Ghirlandaio, 1485 Navigation for this site: The […]


Navigation for this part of the page: I know it’s getting a little mixed up… am simultaneously working on Brustfleck, bodice and sleeves, but… Here’s a first making-of picture of the sleeves: I used my ‘sleeve scale’ picture from the planning: drafted a sleeve on white silk satin and then decorated it according to this […]

Finished gown

Navigation for this part of the page: And here are the first pictures of the finished gown on the dressmaking mannequin… …and here’s the one single picture I so far have of myself wearing it 😉 The change between the above shown dress mannequin pictures and this one is that I re-arranged the ladder lacing […]