Sleepy Hollow

This movie has a vast selection of great costumes – of which, unfortunately, only three are somewhat ‘famous’ (all of which I’ve reproduced at least once): The embroidered cloak, the peach and the black and white striped gown – which is funny, as none of those has the longest screen time. I guess it’s because […]

Orlando (1992)

A few words in advance… Orlando is not a movie one needs to ‘understand’, but it’s a feast for the eyes (settings, costumes, actors) and ears (beautiful lyrics most of the time). If you don’t ask yourself *why* Orlando is living for 400 years and the only thing changing during that time is his/her gender, […]

Troy costume exhibit

Some of the costumes from ‘Troy” were on exhibit in Hamburg. So I went there and took whatever I could get through my digital camera 😉 Helena’s cream-golden gown (first picture shows the gown in the movie): The gown was made of at least three, if not four, identical cream-golden woven, Indian saris with pearl […]

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica – old vs. new series Synopsis and thoughts Characters that appeared in both old and new series Characters that just appeared in either new or old series Costume comparisons Links Synopsis and thoughts on old and new series The earliest memory on Galactica I have is that in the summer of ’84 or […]


Kyra Crematoria Costume This basic outfit consists of 5 items: First, an olive ribbed tank top; Second, front-zip dark olive-greyish trousers which sport a non-covered zipper at the front and strapped pockets at the back; Third, brown strapped leather gauntlets which are pointed towards the fingers Fourth, the boots that can spike out blades at […]

Necro Various

Necromonger VariousBesides the armor the Necromongers are wearing, there are also some glimpses at more or less ‘civil’ clothing of the Necromonger society, which shall be analyzed on this page Lensor While the Lensor’s clothes are definitely not civilian clothing, they are still interesting. All starts with the almost typical body suit, which, according to […]