Riddick Costumes


Kyra Crematoria Costume This basic outfit consists of 5 items: First, an olive ribbed tank top; Second, front-zip dark olive-greyish trousers which sport a non-covered zipper at the front and strapped pockets at the back; Third, brown strapped leather gauntlets which are pointed towards the fingers Fourth, the boots that can spike out blades at […]

Script comparison

Riddick script: Comparing the Director’s cut to the theatrical DVD version Person speaking  Lines in Director’s cut  Lines in theatrical version ” indicates that the lines spoken are the same as in the Director’s cut (column to the left). BOLD letters indicate changes in the spoken lines.   Facts & notes Blue: ‘Riddick Universe’ facts […]

One step, one kill

There’s this scene of the surface fight with the Necromongers, which got known as the ‘One step, one kill’ scene. I found that scene worth analyzing for the answer of two questions: First, how many Necros does Riddick really take out, and second, there is a movement I was particularly interested in, which, as I […]