Jun 012014

On Saturday, 31st of May 2014, it was finally FedCon time again!

I wore my Queen Elizabeth I. from Doctor Who, my son was Marty McFly from „Back to the Future“ (and if you took any pictures of him or me, please do share a link!).

As usual, there were way too many beautiful costumes to photograph – particularly because my son and I were way too often stopped for photos – something I didn’t really expect (I thought that no one would recognize Queen Elizabeth!).

The most touching moment was when I walked through a narrow corridor and noticed that Nichelle Nichols (that’s the original Uhura from Star Trek) was being wheeled in her wheelchair in my direction, so I stepped aside to clear the way.
She reached out to me and said „Such a beautiful dress!“ – and I could not come up with anything more clever than „Thank you SO much!“.

Anyway, here are my photos from FedCon 2014.

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