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Every site has to have a link list, right?

I don’t expect mine to be better or more extensive than other people’s link lists, but for everyone who is interested: here is mine, subdivided in various and hopefully logical categories.

This link list basically focuses on sites that will provide interesting content for the lovers of Elizabethan clothing and lifestyle; however, many of them are more of general interest, so that only some of the items they carry will be of interest to Elizabethan-loving people:



Spoonflower – great selection of reproduction prints of historical and movie reproduction fabrics (beautiful acetate brocades – should be lined with natural fabrics) (same as above) (beautiful silk brocades) (tucked, pintucked and pleated silks)
Merchants who carry brocades with Tudor Roses: (look under ‚Textiles & Trimmings‘!)

Patterns Margo Anderson’s patterns are probably the best historical Elizabethan patterns on the market. She offers different packages, such as the „Lady’s“ or „Gentlemen’s wardrobe“, or the „Working woman package“. Lynn McMasters is also a pattern maker – for Elizabethan hats and accessories! She also makes great Elizabethan and other historical costumes, which are displayed in her site’s gallery. – Patterns, corset making supplies, etc.
Historical Pattern Company – They make patterns to reproduce movie costumes. Those patterns are delivered as E-Patterns (which are basically .pdf files that you print out, glue the pages together and get a pattern by doing so) or as paper print patterns.

Trims – fantastic embroidered *cotton tulle* trims. Those work extremely well for Rococo and Victorian clothing! 😀 – Trims as well as fabrics

Buttons (Tudor Rose buttons!)

Jewelry making


Other materials – this is where I bought the drum wrap for my Jamillia headpiece to fake the mother-of-pearl parts 🙂

Ready-made items


Other people’s sites Michaela de Bruce’s site. Michaela’s beautiful site for the research of Renaissance- and Elizabethan clothing Jennifer Thompson’s comprehensive site on Elizabethan clothing. Also contains the archives of the so-called „Featured Attyre“ – a gallery where outstanding re-creations of Elizabethan costumes by modern seamstresses were regularly presented until a few years ago.

Rockin‘ the Rococo – an amazing seamstress, with amazing period Rococo reproductions

Kamui Cosplay – one of the most outstanding sites concerning „working with unusual materials and achieving incredible results“ 😉

Research Probably the biggest site on the net concerning the research of Elizabethan clothing. Very helpful for beginners as well as advanced studiers and makers of Elizabethan costume.

Mailing lists and communities

List/Community name Description
H-Costume list Mailing list about historic clothing (not only Elizabethan). High-traffic-group; it’s best to follow the discussions on a digest base.
To subscribe or unsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visit or, via email, send a message with subject or body ‚help‘ to
Margo’s Patterns mailing group List for the users of Margo Anderson’s patterns; discussions not only on the patterns but also on Elizabethan costume in general.
To visit this group on the web, go to:

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  1. I just got back from an extended research trip to England. The Henry VIII and wives (The Tussaud versions) are currently ensconced in an exhibit room at Warwick Castle (A Tussaud’s property). I must agree that the costumes appear to be theatrical, not historically, accurate, and it was rather jarring to see them there, as they have little in the way of direct history associated with Warwick Castle. But then, most of the armor and arms in the great hall have no direct bearing on Warwick history either (example, German horse armor and Italian jousting outfit on the rider, and there was little of English origin in armor there).

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