Mai 062011

As already described on the „About the author“ page, another hobby of mine is macro photography, preferably nature.

I personally think that each and every person should have the possibility to see, touch and smell living (meaning: not cut) flowers whenever he/she wishes; but I know that it’s sometimes just not possible if you don’t have a garden / balcony.
Well, if you want I can help you to at least see them – in ways which you perhaps never have thought of.

All the flowers pictured here are usual garden flowers; so nothing exotic. All pictures were made by me; if you want to use any of them for anything else but personal use please contact me (and no – „personal use“ doesn’t mean you can show them on your personal website – it means you can print them, hang them to your own wall, or use them as a background for your desktop).

The images are quite large to show the most possible details; so if you click on one to enlarge it, please be patient when it downloads.

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