Apr 152011

The „Rainbow“ portrait dress reproduction diary

To me, this is the most beautiful portrait of Elizabeth that exists; it radiates an ethereal and eternal beauty that is just breathtaking.
No planning or material collecting yet. Again – Margo’s pattern; this time I would have to modify it plus make my own pattern for the coat, though. No material collecting yet; but I have test painted some eyes and ears on a scrap of satin.
I have an idea to which event I could wear this; though I’m not sure if I want to go there, nor if I can actually get there; so… no hurry. Plus, I don’t really think that I could ever radiate the same amount of ethereal beauty, no matter which gown I would ever wear; so I’m not quite sure if this gown is right for me. And did I already mention that orange is totally unbecoming for me?
Totally scared of the bodice embroidery, plus I have to get an idea for a skirt.

I started working on this gown – as usual – with the planning.

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