Apr 152011

When I saw the first pictures of this:

costume of Arya from the movie Eragon, I was right away fascinated by it.
The asymmetric, tight fitting construction simply caught me by my costumer’s honor, and as I needed a somewhat ‚everyday-fitting‘ outfit anyway, and as black leather is my favorite kind of material for everyday wear, I decided to make it.
More pictures of it, by the way, can be found at Costumersguide, where it’s described as ‚Silver armor‘, though I couldn’t find anything silver about it. Well, perhaps that’s because I had just seen the pictures and not the movie when I made this costume…

I started by taking the two pictures above (and some more, but that’s not relevant for the basic making process), adjusted the light so that I could see better and traced out the seams in an image editing software:

Then I made a pattern for this, plus draped the skirt free hand.

The ‚vest‘ pattern consists of 28 pattern pieces (simply because it’s asymmetric!) and the skirt of 29. Plus, I made some sort of blouse with long sleeves to go underneath the vest.
The patterns on vest and skirt were achieved by simply applying transparent silicone to the leather.

Here’s what my completed outfit looks like on a dress mannequin. The bust seems a bit pointed, that’s because the dress mannequin doesn’t exactly have my own bust shape 😉
Oh, and by the way: The lacing at the back of the vest is real, but I close it with velcro strips along the angled neckline and along the side. Seemed more practical to me 😉
Pictures of me wearing that outfit, as often, have yet to be taken.

The pictures are all taken with a flash, save the last one which is a bit blurred for exactly that reason. Believe it or not: all those pictures were taken outside in daylight, but the camera refuses to see the black outfit as being photographed in such *sigh*…

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  1. Absolutely amazing. What kind of material is that?

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