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Lord of the Rings costumes I’ve made over the years
(Most of them for other people than myself, though)

Most of these costumes required huge amounts of silk satin and silk velvet, of which I had to burn out the latter myself. As you can probably see, they were also made to accomodate a large variety of body sizes of my customers. The first image column (with the costume names in it) also have a picture of the original costume, so you can compare.

Rivendell Council
Beaded Purple
Arch dress
Riding cloak
Battle dress
Kimono (Rivendell Farewell)
Nighdress (Dream gown)
(and yes, I made this one several times, once in blue instead of red, even, for myself – I even dyed my hair black for it at some point of time!)

Riding coat
(aka Arwen’s dying dress)
That one, too, I made several times.
Wedding (respectively Coronation)
Mirror dress
I made this several times, with different materials.
Click the first image to be taken to a different site.
The other pics just show different versions, made with a less elaborate material (less beaded silk chiffon or just lace, to be precise), respectively a green version.

Dark Armor
(And yes, that armor was laminated and painted by me!)
Council velvet
(And yes, that one was made from panne velvet. And I regret it!)
Green Jerkin / Silver shirt
Various Elves Elven Cranach
(Click the picture to be taken to a different page that describes the dress in detail!)
Gil-Galad’s Banner
Shieldmaiden / Camp dress
Travel dress / Kicking Orc
Brown travel coat

Grey Wizard
(And yes, that one was made in panne polyester velvet. And yes, I totally regret that!)
White Wizard

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  1. Hello, are there instructions on how to make the Aragorn costumes (especially the 1st one!) or any of Elrond’s costumes?

    Thank you.

  2. Wow these are beautiful!! Right outta my dreams ? do you sell? How would I order please? And what are your prices?

  3. I love these costumes. Is the Saruman one for sale as I would really like to buy it?

    • It is not for sale. As with all my costumes, I made it for a customer who ordered it (more than ten years ago, actually), and, of course, it was made to measure for that particular customer.

      • Hello, I’m wanting to go as Erwin for the Lindon comic con 2016. How would I go about ordering a dress custom made by you? Would you be able to give me a quote if I gave you my body measurements? Thank you, jess

  4. Omg I love your costumes! They’re all really nice and I find it so amazing that you managed to do all these yourself! I chanced upon your website while Googling for how burned velvet is made, and read your article about it – as well as the crushed silk article. I don’t know what else to say but that you’re amazing and that you should be working as a professional costumer in movies!!! Keep up the awesome work! You deserve a lot more publicity, I’m positive you could make fortunes doing what you do 🙂 Your website really inspires me! (I love fashion and design but I’m not sure if I should pursue it). Anyway, I wish you all the best in all that you’re doing now 🙂 Best Regards from Singapore!

  5. It has been my dream throughout these past 4years to achieve what you have achieved: recreating famous costumes. You have insppired me so much and am determined that one day soon I may produce something similar to your beautiful costumes!
    Caroline xxx

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