Apr 152011

Morgaine – Mists of Avalon – Bloodred gown

I’ve made this gown from silk velvet which I have dyed myself to this beautiful, garnet red color. Neckline and undersleeves were made of finest silk netting.

All trims are machine embroidered and adorned with Swarovski Rhinestones in four different colors.

The gown was completely lined with dark red silk satin.

Original costume in the movie:

The gown I made:

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  1. Hello,how are you? my name is Letícia and I’m very interested in this gown. Are you selling it?

    • It is not for sale. As with all my costumes, I made it for a customer who ordered it (more than ten years ago, actually), and, of course, it was made to measure for that particular customer.

  2. I am looking for patterns form this move! I would kill for them . . . Or PAY ! do you have any or would you make them?? I will do just about anything for them.

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