Apr 152011

In case you’re looking for a good fabric to make this dress, have a look at this fabric on Spoonflower.
It’s not perfect – after all, it’s all printed and therefore doesn’t have the ‚velvet stripes‘ – but at least it has the correct width of the stripes (approximately 1/2 inch) and is black and white with the tiny golden stripes bordering the black ones. Order a test swatch! I do recommend to get this fabric in ‚Organic Cotton Sateen‘.

The black and white gown from Sleepy Hollow, as worn by Katrina van Tassel (Christina Ricci) at the end of the movie.

(Some of my studies concerning some of the costumes in that movies can be found here, by the way.)

My strange addiction to ‚impossible‘ costumes should be well known by now, so I’ll spare myself all possible excuses why I want to make this gown. It’s one of the most impressive gowns in the movie, even if it has the least screen time of all of them.

What I can’t spare you, however, is the story why this gown is so unbelievably ‚impossible‘. Years of studying on this costume never became boring, this much I can tell you right away.

However, to do a little in depth study on this one, please follow me to the planning.

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  1. I found a picture of the black and white striped gown description. It was on display somewhere but someone took a picture of the description and this is what it said:

    „Late 1700’s two piece gown. Off white silk taffeta with vertical black stripes amd ruched trim. The black stripes were hand drawn with a magic marker and highlighted by a thin green marker on each side.“

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