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I’ve reproduced quite a few gowns from James Cameron’s  movie Titanic (1997) over the years; some of them in a few different versions; depending on the budget and / or wishes of my customers.

In case you happened upon this page while searching for a sewing pattern to make one of these dresses yourself instead of having a seamstress do it – while I don’t sell patterns (as I make my own), you could try the Historical Pattern Company.
While I haven’t used any of their patterns, I find the idea of buying E-patterns and printing them out at home (instead of buying printed patterns and having to wait until they arrive!) very interesting. As far as I can see, most of their patterns only need few work (if any) to be adjusted for Titanic dresses that come pretty close to the original ones!

Here are some pictures of a few of the reproductions I’ve made (click the pictures to enlarge them!):

Rose’s Flying Dress

In case you’d like to reproduce the Flying dress, there’s a fabric that imitates the lapel embroideries available here.
Also, there’s another fabric with a full coverage lapel embroidery available here, which could be used to make the embroidered skirt flap.

Rose’s Deck Dress

Rose’s Breakfast gown

Rose’s Boarding costume

 Rose’s Jump dress

Version 1:
Completely beaded, like in the movie

Since the other pictures above don’t really show the details, here is a pic that does:
A scan of the full beading. 
A picture of my customer, the author Margaret George, wearing the dress I made.

Version 2:

Pre-beaded lace and a few Swarovski rhinestones instead of full beading

Version 3:
Chinese Brocade and hotfixed Swarovski Rhinestones (no beading except on skirt hem)

Rose’s pink Sinking Coat

Rose’s Sash (or Sinking)-Dress

Rose’s Tea Dress

Rose’s Dinner Dress

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  1. I NEED a good quality dinner dress for my wedding next ur, would you consider making one for me?

  2. Looking for a professional seamstress to make titanic dress replicas. Which ones are you still making and do you know anyone able to still make authentic versions of the ones you are no longer making? Most interested in the sinking dress. Feel free to email me

  3. Hi, I love your dresses! I’ve had three of the dresses made. I was wondering what specific wool you use for the sinking coat? I already have the collar and cuffs made, unfortunately it’s not wool. But they are hand embroidered! I’m looking the get the right material from am expert.

    Thank you for your time


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