Apr 152011

While this movie’s costumes are probably not by far historically correct, I find them rather inspiring and am particularly in love with the beautiful black, pearl embroidered corset gown Monica Belluci is wearing as ‚Cleopatra‘ in that particular movie in the very last scene.

As I’ve been planning to make that particular gown for myself for a very long time, I thought it could not hurt to publish some screenshots from the movie here 😉
Perhaps they’re as inspiring to someone else as they were to me.

Black ‚Corset‘ gown, adorned with pearls
Note that the gown is actually transparent, or at least it seems to be! The skirt is definitely transparent, one can see her legs through it when she’s walking. I would say that the corset as well as the skirt were made of stiff black nylon crinoline netting, partially backed with skin colored fabric.

Other costumes:

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