Apr 152011
Interesting enough, the prisoners of Crematoria – save Riddick and Kyra – all seem to wear the same basic clothes:A grayish suit with orange stripes. The shirt of said suit is front-closing, the front opening being bordered with said stripes. Additionally, there are Cyrillic letters printed to the right front of the shirts. The shirts close with spiked-in silver snaps.

There is another item – a sleeveless, floor-length vest of the same make, heavily mended – which The Guv is wearing. I couldn’t spot any other of these floor length vests on any of the other prisoners.
The mending on that vest has been done with what seems to be thick silver wire or thread. Some „tears“ around the bottom edge have been mended, but also the front opening as well as the sleeve openings have been whip stitched with the silver cord.

These are two of the original outfits, as offered by the Propstore of London – one of them is The Guv’s outfit:

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