Apr 152011
Various Helion Prime costumesLajjun and Ziza; Lajjun’s bathrobe and Ziza’s nightgown:

The bathrobe seems to be made from doubled, gold stripe woven organza.
Note the enormous stuffed collar on this one. Lajjun is wearing another sleeveless shirt under this robe.

Ziza’s nightgown is made from a patterned cotton, I guess; and as you can see on the collar, where the stitches are too regular, it’s definitely machine stitched.

Other Helion costumes:

They come and go so fast that an accurate study is almost impossible on most of them. However, they’re mostly strongly influenced by Arabian clothing.

These here are Helion soldier costumes. Note that the ‚leader‘ of them is wearing a differently colored cowl (sand beige; the ’normal‘ soldiers wear red cowls):

This is one of the original outfits, as offered by the Propstore of London:

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