Apr 152011
The Purifier’s outfit seems to consist of a floor length leather coat, which is cut with gores at the bottom back side to allow for maximum movement.

And while he seems to wear black trousers with it, he doesn’t seem to wear a shirt. This can be seen in the Director’s Cut, when he tears the top portion of his coat open to reveal the Furyan mark to Riddick:

This scene also tells us how the coat is closed: With black snaps on the right side of the coat.

The coat is adorned with metal ornaments, of which all except the neck closure seem to be removable:

Note that those previous screenshots also show the fingerless gloves which seem to be sewn from the sleeves, just like on Dame Vaako’s light dress.

The head covering is adorned with golden figures and the spinal motif. There seem to be two versions of this head covering, one larger going down almost down to ears and neck…

and one smaller one.

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