Apr 152011

Museum of London

Leather Jerkin, c. 1550-1600; and codpiece.
This is the same jerkin that’s been analyzed in Janet Arnold’s „Patterns of Fashion“.

Rags of a sleeve, c. 1300
This buttoned, tight-fitting sleeve was found during excavations in London, near Blackfriars.

Hairnet, c. 1400

Leather belt, early 1400s and garter, early 1300s

Headdress frames, c. late 1400s – early 1500,
and knitted cap, 1500s

Knitted child’s vest and mittens, 1500s

Portrait bust of Henry VIII, after Hans Holbein the Younger, c. 1536-37

Rococo, Regency and Victorian display:

Spitalfields Silk Mantua, 1751-1752
Worn by Ann Fawnshawe when she was Lady Mayoress of the City of London

This mantua, with its wide skirt held up by panniers, was the type of formal dress worn at Court.
The expensive silk, ordered through a City mercer, would have taken a master weaver six months to weave.
Its pattern uses 14 different coloured threads and four types of silver wire.
The hops, barley, anchors and bales represent Ann’s father’s trade as a brewer and merchant of the City of London.



Queen Victoria’s doll:

Various other dresses on display:

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