Jun 122011

Tutankhamun Replica Exhibit, Cologne, Germany; June 2011

The website for the exhibit,  which travels from Cologne to Brussels and Dublin, can be found here.
I’ve visited the exhibit with my son and found it very interesting. Despite the fact that all the things in the exhibit are replicas, they do look very realistic. Also, it’s kind of an advantage to not just be able to look at things through thick protective glass :-)
The exhibit is split into various parts, which you walk through. First you get to see two movies about the history of the king and his ancestors, then you walk into the grave, as discovered by Howard Carter (which is pretty piled-up!), and after that, you get to see all the stuff that was in the chambers in another, less piled exhibit.
Photography was allowed without flash; so bear with me if some of the pics are a tad blurred, my hands are a bit shaky.

The grave, as discovered by Howard Carter:

The sarcophargus and its shrines (with wall paintings) (how the heck did they get all that stuff out of the narrow grave? Also, how did they get it INTO the grave before that?):

The (very!) famous gold mask of Tutankhamun:

Jewelry that was found in the tomb and on the mummy:

Statues from the tomb:

The Anubis and canophy shrines:

Two of the beds from the tomb:

Thrones and various other pieces from the tomb:

An egyptian fan:


State chariot:


A pair of sandals that belonged to the Egyptian king (unfortunately the only piece of clothing in the exhibit; I would have loved to see a bit more than just a pair of ancient Egyptian shoes!):

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