Apr 152011

Edwardian clothing at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum, London)

Riding habit, about 1900, Britain
Wool lined with silk twill, canvas and whalebone.
The other, brown gown pictured here can be found on the Victorian clothing page.

Tea gown, Rouff, about 1900
Silk satin, embroidered with stones, pastes, metal beads and wire, decorated with lace
The other gown pictured in the first two pictures can be found on the Victorian clothing page.

Day dress, about 1912-14, Britain
Made of washable linen with silk organza collar and silk twill bow

Dress (bodice and skirt), about 1894
Stern Brothers, 32, 34 & 36West 23rd Street, New York
Silk velvet and net embroidered with beads and sequins
This gown is a perfect example why flash photography is sometimes great: In the poorly lit glass case in which this gown is shown you can almost only see a black dress – but now look at the beading and embroideries (which you almost can’t see when standing in the museum)!

Evening bodice and skirt, 1895-1900, Festa & Co.
Silk satin and grosgrain trimmed with tulle

Evening coat, about 1900, probably Paris
Velvet with silk embroidery and applied felt flowers

Day outfit with Jacket and skirt, 1913-14
Lady Duff Gordon (Lucile)
Wool and mohair mix, trimmed with printed velvet
If Lucile Duff-Gordon had not survived the sinking of the Titanic (she and her husband were in the first lowered lifeboat), then this outfit would not exist.

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