Apr 152011

Diesen Beitrag gibt es auch auf Deutsch.

Victoria & Albert museum interior

The interior of the V&A in London is just breathtaking, especially the parts that have been restored to their original state. Here’s a short walk through a tiny portion of the giant building:

If you ever need to visit the toilets – I do strongly recommend using the ones at the cafeteria on the ground floor, which is – seen from the main entrance – located on the other side of the garden in the middle of the building.
These are not toilets, they’re bathrooms; I kid you not, just the shower is missing and the size would make some hotel room’s bathrooms green with envy. They even have a mirror and a small possibility to wash yourself – all inside each and every of the approximately ten lockable toilets, I repeat.
I didn’t take any pictures of these toilets, but of the washing room with the large mirror:

(Yes, I do look as if I had a super strange body shape with my baggy pants and the jacket tied around my hips…)

And as soon as you’ve seen and / or visited the bathrooms, go back to the cafeteria and have a cake in the beautifully restored rooms:

When leaving these rooms, turn right and walk up the next staircase you can find. Don’t forget to marvel at the ceiling-, wall- and floor decors when walking to the first floor and enjoy the silver gallery you’ll find there.

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