Apr 152011

Rococo interior at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum, London)

Note: Some of the objects here are Elizabethan or Baroque, not Rococo.

Rifle, c. 1600; flint, c. 1670-80 and pistol, c. 1650

Tiles, c. 1760

Two wall hangings, French, c. 1710
Canvas embroidered with wool, silk and silk chenille
Did anyone of you ever try to do petit point embroidery? Well, I did. A letter sized embroidery took me about three weeks to complete. Now take another look at these enthralling, about three yards high wall panels and marvel at the craftsmanship and work you see there…

Two-manual Harpsichord, French, 1681 and Tapestry, French, 1700-20

Carved panels, French, late 17th century

Cupboard (armoire), French, late 17th century

Bureau, French, c. 1680
The green areas and other colored details are painted on paper beneath the transparent tortoiseshell

Three panels of gilt leather
Leather, silvered and tooled, with painted decoration and yellow varnish to imitate gilding
I guess you can imagine the actual size by comparing the panels to the size of the clock standing there…?

Bureau Cabinet, German, Dresden, c. 1745-49

Bed (Lit à la Polonaise), French (Paris), about 1780
by Georges Jacob

Pedal Harp, c. 1780

Pedal Harp, after 1785
This is not a fine musical instrument, but a piece of fashionable Parisian furniture.

Harpsichord, French (Paris), 1786
This was made by Pascal Taskin; it has been suggested that it was made for the Duchesse de Choiseul.

Cabinet on stand, German or Flemish, 1675-1700
The plaques in the interior are embossed with scenes from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. the base has been altered, probably around 1850.

Velvet, Italian, c. 1625-75
As it has been woven with a border on each side, it was almost certainly intended for wall hanging.

Cabinet, Flemish (probably Antwerp), 1630-50

Silk, Italian or French, 1665-75

Panelled Room, French, late 17th century
This room comes from „La Tournerie“; a farmhouse near Alecon, Pays de Loire, in north-west France. Henri VI of france is reputed to have used it as a hunting lodge.

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