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Rococo men’s clothing at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum, London)

Buff Leather coat, c. 1640-50, made in England
Leather with whalebone stiffening in the collar and silver-gilt braids

James II. Wedding suit, 1673
Made in England for the wedding of James II when Duke of York to Mary Beatrice D’Este (1658-1718)
The heavy silver embroidery on this suit would have sparkled in both day- and candle-light.

Here are the steps of the embroidery:

Waistcoat, 1710-20
Silk damask lined with fustian and silk
This waistcoat can also be seen on the women’s clothing page.

Man’s linen stocking, 1660-1670
Linen embroidered with silk
You don’t even have to look too careful to see the grain line of the linen fabric in this stocking, which, obviously, is cut on the bias to allow stretching. Also note the triple lacings, of which only one is currently having a lacing cord inserted.
This stocking can also be seen on the women’s clothing page.


Man’s Court coat and waistcoat, about 1800, Britain or France
The gown pictured here can be seen on the women’s clothing page.

Man’s coat, 1775-80, Britain
Silk with silver braid

Man’s robe (Banyan), c. 1750-75
Cotton, resist- and mordant dyed and printed

Clerical clothing

Chasuble, Italian, 1650-1700
Silk, backed with linen and embroidered with floss silk and silver-gilt thread

Dalmatic, French, early 18th century

Alb, Italian, 1675-1700
Alb of pleated linen, flounce, collar and cuffs of Venetian needle lace
The portrait is of Cardinal Ottoboni, 1690s, by Francesco Trevisani

Chalice veil, Italian, 1600-25

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