Apr 152011

Portraits of Mary Tudor, sorted by approximate painting date. Page is still under construction, so the information on the paintings is still missing.

Painting Title Painter approx. Date can be found in… Comments
        I’m not sure if the brooch in this portrait is the same as the one I’ll mention several times later on this page.
        I think this is the most beautiful portrait of Mary.
The gown looks much like the one in the last portrait, except that this here seems to be made of satin, while the other is made of velvet.
        This is the first picture in which the brooch definitely appears.
Note that Elizabeth is wearing this brooch in the ‚Siena Sieve‘ portrait; and see my study for that pendant/brooch here.
Mary Tudor Hans Eworth 1554 Society of Antiquaries of London Second picture with the brooch.
Mary Tudor Antonio Mor 1554 Museo del prado, Madrid, Spain Third picture with the brooch. I think it’s safe to say that this was Mary’s favorite jewel!

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