Apr 152011

The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre in London is actually a reproduction of what is believed to once have been the first Globe Theatre.
Today it houses an actual theatre and a fantastic collection of Elizabethan reproduction costumes. Here are the pictures…:

Reproduction costumes

Costume designed for Jane Lapotaire as Elizabeth I.
for the Royal Gala Opening of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on Thursday, June 12th 1997

In my humble opinion this is one of the most beautiful late Elizabethan reproduction costumes I have ever seen.

Mr. Roger’s suit of clothes

These clothes were hand-made for a benefactor of the Globe in 2002. The doublet is made from black silk satin, decorated with 96 yards of black silk and gilt lace. Hose, cloak, sword harness, glove cuffs and hat are made from black silk velvet, embroidered with couched gold and silver cords and gilt spangles. Gloves and garters are edged in gilt bobbin lace.

Other costumes and inspirations

Extant textiles
On display in the Globe exhibit

The front of a linen corset, early 17th century
First picture shows the inside, for the second picture I dropped down to the floor to photograph the underside of this corset front, which is why the viewpoint seems a bit weird…

The reproduction of an actual costume workshop
The second picture shows a fine template for a blackwork sleeve; the fourth shows mallets and a board for pinking.

Other costumes, mostly Roman inspired

And now.. for in- and exterior of the Globe.

I have no words to describe it, it’s overwhelming. In case the pictures fail to depict this, I suggest going to the theatre yourselves to have a look at it.

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