Apr 152011

Various pictures from my London stay

Temptation Alley

This was probably the coolest and most crammed trims store I’ve ever seen from the inside. Just in case you’re interested, they’re located at the end of Portobello Road; and, yes, they do have a website: http://www.temptationalley.com/ – they’re worth visiting, and their name has a reason…

This is St. Paul’s, seen from the end of the Millenium bridge.

The Museum of Maritime History, which wouldn’t fit in one picture.

So this is where them Pirates go if they talk about „World’s end“ 😉

London Bridge, my son’s favourite building in London. I brought him a wooden model of it when I got back. The last picture shows the exact middle of the bridge, where you’re standing above a 2“ gap high over the water.

This is one of the sights that show why London is so fascinating: History goes hand in hand with the modern age.

One of the fountains on Trafalgar Square, on the first day of sunshine in 2007. I love sparkling water…

The Nelson Column on Trafalgar Square. I was greatly impressed by the giant lions and remembered that when I visited London 20 years ago, a picture was taken of me and my friend Sandra while we were sitting on those lions. I should really, really find that picture again…

The National Gallery (the National Portrait Gallery would be right behind it), seen from Trafalgar Square.

A beautiful, probably Victorian street lamp on Trafalgar Square.

Graffitis at Kilburn station. I loved them to bits and each evening and morning I marvelled at them when I passed them on my way to or from the tube station. To understand the sheer size of those wall paintings you have to compare them to the people walking by. For example, compare the pictures 3, 4 and 5….

A monument that greatly moved me: The children of the Kindertransport on Hope Square, right outside Liverpool station. The detail on that monument is incredible. I found myself wondering how many of those children remained in England after the war, and thought that a plate with statistics would have been a welcome addition.

And (very!) few more pictures from the Museum of Natural History.

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