Apr 152011

How to paint Tudor Roses

If you have no idea how to paint Tudor roses by hand without a template, the following animated Gif-Image might help you.
There may be other or better ways to paint Tudor Roses – for whatever purpose, be it to make a template for blackwork embroidery, to create something likely to my partlet and sleeves or just to have something to draw while being on the phone – but I think that this is the easiest method, especially if practiced some times, so I have created this animation to show the single steps. I think it’s self explaining, so I will spare myself any explanation.
I admit that this is not the most beautiful Tudor Rose I have ever painted – but, well, it shows the basic steps.
It might take some time for the whole animation to load (1MB size); please be patient:


It has been brought to my attention that the animation doesn’t show on some people’s computers as their browsers don’t seem to download this rather large image file correctly.
This is why I have also created a compressed Zip file for you to download. The Zip file contains the animation; just make sure that you – if you download and unpack it – don’t look at it with an image editing program – which might perhaps not show the animation – but with your Browser.
Download the Zip file by clicking here

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