Victoria & Albert

Interior of the V&A

Victoria & Albert museum interior The interior of the V&A in London is just breathtaking, especially the parts that have been restored to their original state. Here’s a short walk through a tiny portion of the giant building: If you ever need to visit the toilets – I do strongly recommend using the ones at […]

Women’s clothing

Rococo women’s clothing at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum, London) Stays, 1780-90, Britain Linen, reinforced with whalebone Woman’s Banyan, 1750-70, Britain Silk damask (1740s, in the style of Anna Maria Garthwaite) Woman’s embroidered gown. fabric c. 1740-60, made up c. 1780 The floral fabric is so finely embroidered that at first sight it could […]

Beatrice D’Este’s Tomb

– Note that I’m currently reproducing the dress that Beatrice D’Este tomb statue is wearing. Click here to follow the progress! 🙂 – Sleeping Beauty – the real Snow White (scroll down – more pictures ahead!) The real Beatrice d’Este, painted by Leonardo da Vinci. This painting was her wedding gift by DaVinci. Feel reminded […]

Rococo Men’s clothing

Rococo men’s clothing at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum, London) Buff Leather coat, c. 1640-50, made in England Leather with whalebone stiffening in the collar and silver-gilt braids James II. Wedding suit, 1673 Made in England for the wedding of James II when Duke of York to Mary Beatrice D’Este (1658-1718) The heavy silver […]

Cast Courts

Just to explain first what you will see on this page: The pictures show some specimen from V&A’s “Cast courts”. The Cast Courts show reproductions of historical busts, statues, effigies, even parts of complete buildings. These reproductions were made by taking molds from the original busts, statues, etc (probably by covering them with latex, so […]

Rococo paintings&statues

Rococo paintings and statues at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum, London) Portrait of an unknown Gentleman, 1712-14 Alexis Simon Belle, oil on canvas The silk of the waistcoat greatly resembles a silk in the V&A textile collection (last picture). An unknown girl holding a rose, 1760-70 Mademoiselle Marie-Jeanne Doré Portrait, 2nd half of the […]

Elizabethan at V&A

Elizabethan garb, textiles, jewelry, paintings and interior at the V&A (Victoria & Albert museum), London Smock embroidered with blackwork c. 1575-85 Linen embroidered with silk in black, stem and darning stitches with buttonhole filling Embroidered in England, the silk thread probably from Spain. Smock embroidered with redwork A different smock Woman’s jacket, c. 1600-1625 Ivory […]

Victorian at V&A

Victorian clothing at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum, London) Dress, 1830-33, Britain or France Muslin. trimmed with satin and embroidered with colored wool This is a transitional style from Regency to Victorian. Day dress, 1836-40 Printed cotton edged with silk satin piping and lined with linen and cotton Man’s dressing gown, about 1840 Printed […]

Edwardian at V&A

Edwardian clothing at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum, London) Riding habit, about 1900, Britain Wool lined with silk twill, canvas and whalebone. The other, brown gown pictured here can be found on the Victorian clothing page. Tea gown, Rouff, about 1900 Paris Silk satin, embroidered with stones, pastes, metal beads and wire, decorated with […]

Textiles & Laces at V&A

Textiles & Laces at the V&A Rococo Cut velvets Stitches sampler, 1910 Embroideries and laces 13th century 14th or 15th century 16th century 17th century Frelange with Lappets, Italian, Venetian, late 17th century Needle lace Frelange or frelan was the contemporary name given to the high, stiffened headdress worn by fashionable women in the 1680s […]