Real-Life Research

Star Wars Identities – Infrared & Color photos

Infrared and color photos of the costumes shown at the “Star Wars Identities” exhibit, Cologne, Germany Let me start by explaining what an “infrared photo” is, because many explanations – even those spread by the media – are wrong. An infrared photo – which, namely, is a photo which is taken using a camera which […]

How Spoonflower prints colors

How colors print differently on the various Spoonflower fabrics As some of you may know, some of my fabric designs are available on Spoonflower – the link to my designs there is this one. Now, for many of my fabrics I suggest something like “the colors will look best on this or that fabric”. Many […]

Name of “Padmé Amidala”?

~Please also have a look at my Star Wars costume reproductions (which is basically what my website is all about – costumes.) ~ Padmé or Amidala or Padmé Amidala or Queen Amidala or…? Naming problems in Star Wars’ Naboo world When going over my website’s statistics, I often find “weird” search terms. Like, “Queen Padme”, […]

Tutankhamun Exhibit

Tutankhamun Replica Exhibit, Cologne, Germany; June 2011 The website for the exhibit,  which travels from Cologne to Brussels and Dublin, can be found here. I’ve visited the exhibit with my son and found it very interesting. Despite the fact that all the things in the exhibit are replicas, they do look very realistic. Also, it’s kind of an advantage to not just be able […]

Chronicles of Riddick

Costumes of and thoughts and studies on the ‘Chronicles of Riddick’ Note: This is a work in progress. Almost all images I wanted to have here *are* already here, but some of the costume descriptions are still missing my descriptions, which I will have to copy to the appropriate places. This takes some time… as […]

Titanic – a letter to James Cameron

An open letter to James Cameron Dear Mr. Cameron, while I appreciate your movie ‘Titanic’ from 1997 a lot (otherwise I would not have seen it approximately – and without exaggeration – 200 times, eight of those times in the cinema!) from cinematographic, historical and personal view, I have one question for you. Why, for […]

Church in Steinkirchen

The church of Steinkirchen (“Stonechurches”) obviously gave its name to the village I used to live in. Originally being built in 1300, it was completely remodeled from 1770-1786 to become a baroque church. This is the look which the inside of the building still has today: However, on the outside of the church there are some […]

Church in Gruenendeich

A legend says that there had been a church before in a place nearby, being the common church of Grünendeich and Twielenfleth, but it was swept away by floods in the 16th century. The “new” church of Grünendeich was built on ground which was donated to the church by Margareta Peders Dotte Skuthe, a woman from Sweden who lived nearby, […]