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Costume in the movies

I guess this is where a lot of people got into first contact with costumes: a movie.
The costumes shown in such a movie might be more or less accurate… but basically, they are – for some people – the chance to fall in love with the period with which the movie is dealing.

As *some* really have some great costumes to offer, I thought it could not hurt to have an online gallery for them.
I will add more movies over time; but currently I can only offer those. Most of them deal with Elizabethan costumes, of them ‚Elizabeth R‘ from 1971 being the costume-wise most historically accurate.
‚Asterix: Mission Cleopatra‘ is a pure fantasy movie, but as I like the costumes a lot – particularly one of them – I have listed it here as well.

The pages may be *very* slowly loading, depending on your internet connection as there are many, many pictures on them – please be patient.

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  1. In your review of „Shakespeare In Love“ I’m curious why you imply that a Spanish lady (or lady dressed in Spanish fashion) would not have blonde hair. Weren’t these the years that the Hapsburg king Phillip II ruled what is now the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg & western Germany? I believe Spain had pretty much been a super power in Europe for quite some time so I would imagine a Spanish noble could find a blonde bride and therefore produce blonde children. Even so, blonde hair did not even need to be obtained through genetics; women have been dying their hair blonde since Roman times (the poet Ovid castigated Roman women for “using rinses” and dangerous “concoctions” to lighten their hair- see the article „Blondes Through the Ages.“) But I’m not an expert so it’s very possible you know the reason why a Spanish lady in Elizabethan times could not have had blonde hair.

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