The London Studies

Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre The Globe Theatre in London is actually a reproduction of what is believed to once have been the first Globe Theatre. Today it houses an actual theatre and a fantastic collection of Elizabethan reproduction costumes. Here are the pictures…: Reproduction costumes Costume designed for Jane Lapotaire as Elizabeth I. for the Royal […]

Victoria and Albert

Cast Courts    Beatrice D’Este’s tomb Textiles and laces c. 13th century to 18th century (early Victorian) 1920 – modern clothing at V&A   with extra page for Lady Diana’s ‚Elvis‘ dress Edwardian clothing at V&A Victorian clothing at V&A Indian clothing at V&A Regency clothing at V&A Rococo lifestyle at V&A    Women’s clothing […]

Various pictures

Various pictures from my London stay Temptation Alley This was probably the coolest and most crammed trims store I’ve ever seen from the inside. Just in case you’re interested, they’re located at the end of Portobello Road; and, yes, they do have a website: – they’re worth visiting, and their name has a reason… […]