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You would probably be rather surprised how many things you can still find from Elizabethan times in your close environment if you just look for them; and sometimes you might stumble over interesting oddities. Churches and museums are great sources for such studies, as well as some movies and, of course, paintings, this is why I will show them both on this page.

The London Studies

In March / April 2007, I have been to London, studying costumes and history in various museums. Though the links for the single museums and studies are also given below, here’s one comprehensive link for everyone who would like only to see this particular part of the site:

The London studies

Original gowns examination

Examination of the original ‚Wishing‘ gown from ‚Phantom of the Opera‘, Hamburg

Examination of the „Phoenix portrait“ gown made by Jean Hunnisett for Glenda Jackson in „Elizabeth R“

Interesting things I found during researches

Some interesting things came across my way while doing various researches – you can find them here.

Museums and exhibits
Of course there’s also the possibility of visiting a museum or exhibit. I do so quite frequently.

Here are some picture pages; I will add more over time:

British Museum, London

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Museum of London, London

Globe Theatre, London

Leonardo Da Vinci – Models and Sketches, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

The six wives of Henry VIII at Madame Tussaud, London

Pictures of other wax figurines at Madame Tussaud

Hamburg, Germany – Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

Duesseldorf, Germany – Fashion Exhibit

Hamburg, Germany – Exhibit of reproductions of the English Crown Jewels


Costumes in the movies? Yes, please!
On the „movies“ page I will show you some costume screenshots from selected movies.

(Not just) Elizabethan costume in the movies

My thoughts on some movies and TV series can be found here.


Elizabethan fashion in paintings is often a very good source for studying. Here are some paintings sorted by person; I will add other persons over time in different galleries.

Elizabeth I.

Mary Tudor


I have the luck to live in a part of Germany which always was the biggest fruit producing area of our country. The people here are quite traditional folks, and the churches in my area are some of the oldest and best preserved ones in Germany.

And even if I am not a Christian, I decided to take some time and photograph the pictorial evidences of Elizabethan everyday life which can still be found around and inside those churches.

Here are the churches I have visited and studied. Clicking on them will bring you to a new page where you can see the pictures that show German art from Elizabethan times:

Church in Gruenendeich

Church in Steinkirchen