A peacock tunic (or poncho)

The fabric required for this particular tunic is available here at Spoonflower; but of course you could also use any other fabric to make it! So – I love tunics. Airy, light, beautiful tunics that can be worn with jeans, skirts, leggings. I also love that tunics are generally unimpressed by any change of body […]

How to make molds and cold cast metal

Navigation for this part of the page:   How to make molds and cold cast metal This tutorial basically covers two different techniques: How to make a silicone mold from something you sculpted (or wish to recast), and how to cold cast metal using polyurethane resin and metal powder. I will explain both on the […]

Working with Drum Wrap

Navigation for this part of the page:   Working with Drum Wrap – imitating mother-of-pearl surfaces Occasionally, when reproducing a costume, you have to use materials for parts of the costume that are, basically, more expensive than the entire rest of the costume. Like, for example, when I was planning my Jamillia costume, the one […]

Crashing / Pleating Silk

Navigation for this part of the page:   How to crush silk permanently (aka crashing silk, Fortuny pleating, permanent pleating or crashing / crushing) This article was written by me some years ago for the Alleycatscratch.com LOTR website. I thought, however, that I should include it in my tutorials on this website as well. Also, I’ve made quite a few additions to […]

How to make a tricorn hat

Navigation for this part of the page:   How to make a tricorn hat (like the one Marie Antoinette wore in the movie with the blue dress; but of course this basically also works for any other kind of tricorn hat – like the one Jack Sparrow wears in Pirates of the Carribean, for example!) […]

Paint Tudor Roses

How to paint Tudor Roses If you have no idea how to paint Tudor roses by hand without a template, the following animated Gif-Image might help you. There may be other or better ways to paint Tudor Roses – for whatever purpose, be it to make a template for blackwork embroidery, to create something likely […]

Sew first, then dye

What’s so important behind the “Sew first, then Dye” rule? Well… it can spare you a lot of trouble. Plus, it will spare you remnant pieces in colors you perhaps don’t like any more afterwards. Let me explain the process: If you buy white fabric for whatever project which you anyway intend to dye, then […]

Puffed trims

When making my Victorian day dress, I also had to decorate the gown with the puffed trims with which the original gown was decorated: Puffed trimming shows along almost all flounce seams and along the neckline Here’s how to make such puffed trimming. It’s inexpensive, easy and beautiful – just time consuming. First you’ll need […]

100% reproductions?

Navigation for this part of the page:   Why a 100% perfect reproduction of a garment is not possible When planning to reproduce a garment from a movie, a painting or photograph, most people ask themselves how accurate they want their reproduction to be. Some say that it has to be ‘the perfect reproduction’, and […]

Pearl/Caps decoration

Navigation for this part of the page:   Decoration with single pearls and half-sphere pearl caps The portrait gown is further decorated with single pearls, which seem to be surrounded by tiny filigree golden disks. For this decoration I used half-sphere, golden filigree pearl caps such as are used for the ends of pearl colliers. […]